In Conversation with Susie from @resolvetoplay.

Susie shares her beautiful play ideas at @resolvetoplay that she sets up for her three lovely boys daily. If you scroll through her page you’ll be inspired to get playing immediately! Whilst her ideas are aesthetically gorgeous, so many are easily achieved at home, which is what we are all after isn’t it? Simple ways to keep our little people busy!

1. Why did you start your Instagram account?
I turned to Instagram when I started to feel that Facebook was becoming an increasingly negative place, especially for parents. At one point it felt almost taboo to say that you enjoyed motherhood, yes it is HARD being a parent, mega hard, but I am lucky enough to also enjoy my role as a SAHM. So I took to a new platform (instagram) and used my relative anonymity (I didn’t tell anyone about my account!) to share the teaching and playing that I had been doing with my boys. The difference was overwhelming- I was immediately welcomed into the play community with support and encouragement. And yes we support and encourage each other when parenting gets tough, too 😉

2. What’s the best thing about Instagram?
Oh I feel I’ve kind of answered that in the last question! But to expand: the Instagram community that I have become a part of is such a vibrant, happy and positive place. Never a sarcastic comment, or snide remark- nobody is competing, we are all just sharing the things that we love to do. I’ve made some really great friends here, I suppose it’s the perfect place to meet like-minded people.

3. What’s your favourite play set up and why?
Ooh tough one. This changes with my children’s development and educational requirements… I love a sensory play tray, something with loose parts to allow the child to lead play. Often their open-ended play focusses on areas that they are working on in nursery, school or at home. It’s a fantastic vehicle for gentle reinforcement. That, or small world play! Small world play can take a long time to set up, which admittedly is half the fun, but if the children aren’t interested then it can be gutting after all that work!!

4. Best thing about being a parent?

Wow, where do I start? I love being a Mum, it’s all that I have ever wanted to be- I’ve never been particularly ambitious or career-minded, but being a Mum is my dream. It’s a privilege and an honour to be allowed to take care of and nurture these small humans!

5. Worst thing about being a parent?

As an introvert, I recharge by being on my own. This is rarely possible, and if it does happen I just want to be with the boys! I can’t win! 😂

6. Top three Instagram accounts and why?

Ooooft. But there are so many categories! For GOOD people: @bodkinandroo @sensory_playtime_ and @rachelmoffat13

For amazing crafts: @littliesactivities @ohcreativeday and @handywithscissors

For educational games: @fiveminutemum @the_play_at_home_mummas obvs 😉 and @peachy_speech

For brilliant small businesses: @bakefulplay @thelittlecoachhouse @carlastreasure @printplaylearn and ……

7. What would be your dream job?
Apart from being a Mum, my previous job was close to my dream job. I worked as Interventions Manager in a large mainstream secondary school in London. I worked with children at risk of social and academic exclusion, the success of my role was measured against our numbers of permanent exclusions. It was hard, demanding, harrowing, emotional and so, so rewarding. I felt it was a great honour to work with this cohort of children, that I was given the time and opportunity to foster a relationship with their families and source agency assistance where needed/possible. I was proud of every one of those kids, 98% of the time anyway- there was one day when a student of mine put a box OF HIS POO in a girl’s bag… the girl was the Headteacher’s daughter 🤦🏻‍♀️ 🙄

If you are looking for some gorgeous play set ups, lots of fun and real-life parenting, you can find Susie on Instagram @resolvetoplay. make sure you go and follow if you don’t already, you won’t regret it!

Susie also has a brand newbwebsite that can be found here.